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Gutter Kitties is an Incorporated Charitable Trust that was started in 2008.  We pride ourselves in running a no-kill shelter, and dedicate our time and efforts to rescuing colony and community cats, rehabilitating them, and giving them a second chance at domesticated bliss.

All of our rescues for adoption are desexed, microchipped, and had at least their first vaccination.

We maintain high standards of animal welfare, professionalism and integrity, and work with other rescue centres and entities as required to achieve our purpose.  We strive to educate the public, and promote responsible pet ownership.

Gutter Kitties is a member of the SPCA Cat Coalition, and is a registered charitable entity with the Charities Commission (CC47721).


As of 1 April 2014, Gutter Kitties will take over the operations of Forgotten Felines.

Forgotten Felines was founded by Sylvia in 1995, and has been a leader in colony management and rescue since then.  They were able to do their fantastic work thanks to the ongoing support they received from East Coast Bays Vet, supporters, adopters, feeders and other local businesses.

A few years ago, Sylvia retired, leaving the running of Forgotten Felines to those she trusted.  Unfortunately the new Treasurer betrayed her trust, and over 2 years wiped all the money in the accounts, resulting in the unfortunate closing of their doors.  Due to the amount of colonies and rescues still under their care, Sylvia desperately needed someone to step in.

Forgotten Felines responsibilities will now be taken care of by Gutter Kitties, and we are pleased to continue the legacy that Sylvia started. 

Due to the above colonies that are now in our care, and the increase in rescues we will be called upon to help, we are in need of more volunteers, feeders (in various North Shore locations) and donations to help us continue our work.  Thank you to everyone who is supporting us to help make this transition as easy as possible.


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