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Stray Cats

You’ve seen them everywhere: patrolling our streets, the neighbourhood rubbish bins, our backyards, our industrial areas, our farms.  They are our pets that darted out the door, escaped out a car window, broke through the screen, were let outside to “do their business” while in heat, or thrown away when they weren’t cute or convenient anymore. “They” are primarily the offspring of our undesexed cats that never found their way home.


Please don't ignore them.  They are our community cats, deserving love, care and respect.


What to do if you find a "stray" cat in your neighbourhood?


  • Find out if they are owned or not.  Ask neighbours, make and distribute flyers, check and make listings on Facebook, Trade Me and Petsonthenet (be proactive).

  • Phone all your other local vets as they may know of someone that has lost a cat matching its description.    If the cat is friendly, take them to your local vet for a microchip check.

  • No home?  Please help us by assisting to find a home for your stray.  Ask friends, work collegues and family if they can adopt. Perhaps you have space in your home for a lifetime companion?

  • Not friendly?  Contact us (or another rescue) to arrange help.  If we do not have space to foster, we can arrange desexing and eartipping (internationally recognised sign of a desexed and cared for community cat) to help stop the breeding cycle. Once he/she is returned, you can help us by providing an outdoor shelter, food and water.  

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