All donations/grants/fundraising proceeds we receive go directly back into the care of the felines we rescue. 


Our ongoing costs include:

Veterinary bills (consults, medication/treatment), desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, and flea/worm treatment

Cat food, litter, toys and accessories

Upkeep of our rescue centre The Paw Pad

Donations over $5 are tax deductible.

If you would like a receipt please email

Our Bank Account

Gutter Kitties 06-0479-0077973-00

For Adoption donations please include your name and the name of the cat/kitten(s).

By Cheque, Cash or Eftpos

Pandora's Closet. C/- Gutter Kitties 

Unit 9, 667 Whangaparaoa Road

Stanmore Bay 0932


A bequest can be possessions, items of property, or a sum of money left to another person, organisation or charity in your Will.

Leaving a bequest to Gutter Kitties is a way to support the many stray cats and kittens in our community by giving something back to them with love. So many of them are homeless, lonely and in dire need of a second chance.


At Gutter Kitties we pride ourselves on being a no kill shelter and providing the best of care to the cats and kittens that are the most in need and are usually overlooked.


Large or small, all donations are gratefully received by both us, and our rescues.

If you decide to make a bequest to Gutter Kitties it is important to record that wish in your Will.

In preparing your Will you should seek the assistance of a Trustee (such as the Public Trust or NZ Guardian Trust) or your family Solicitor to ensure that your wishes are clearly and correctly recorded.

Suggested Format:

I (full name) ______________ bequeath to Gutter Kitties (a specified share of the residue/or the sum of/or a specified bequest) ____________ to be free of all duties payable at my death, and the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the said charity shall be full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.

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