Adoption fees help us to recover some of our costs associated with vet bills (desexing, vaccinations & emergency treatment), flea and worm treatment, food and litter whilst in our care.


All cats and kittens will be desexed, microchipped, registered on the NZ Companion Animal Register, have at least their first vaccination and will be up to date with flea and worm treatments prior to adoption. 

All cats and kittens adopted from Gutter Kitties are now entitled to 30 days free pet health insurance!

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Age - approx 1 year old

Mona is a beautiful girl just over a year old. She had a rough start in life living outside and having kittens young. Her kittens have now been adopted and Mona is looking for her forever home. While still shy of new people, once she knows you she loves head rubs and purrs almost constantly. She is still young and loves to run around and play chasing string and throwing her toys around. Mona would be best suited to a quieter home with someone who can take that time to help her settle and show her she is safe and loved.

Adoption Fee: $80 

Joanne (Browns Bay)



Age - approx 14 weeks old

This little dude had a bad start to life but is doing well in his foster home. Alfie enjoys human attention, and when sleepy he likes to come and sleep on you, though he is still a bit wary of humans when they are upright. Alfie has a few quirks - a tail that is curled back on itself and a hump on his spine. These don't cause him any problems and the vet doesn't there'll be any problems in the future either. Alfie is energetic and enjoys chasing and play-fighting with his older "step siblings". He's an affectionate boy, but still needs to learn to retract his claws when playing so will not be suitable for a family with very young children. Alfie gets on well with his big "step sister" Daisy and could go either as a pair with her or on his own.

Adoption Fee: $150 

Gayle (Birkdale) 02102798767


Age - approx 1 years old

Alien is an ex Paw Pad cat, and is around 1 year old. He is full of energy and is a sociable boy once he knows you but will need patience and food to win him over. Would be better suited to a quiet household. Other cats in household must be happy to participate in play as he loves to include others.

Adoption Fee: $28 together

Mae (Unsworth Heights)



Age - approx 2 years old

Myla is a sweet little girl, who loves to play with toys, in tunnels and curl up in her bed. She is very affectionate and gets on well with other female cats, however is too flirty to be around male cats without annoying them. She's had kittens young and now is ready for her own forever home where she can enjoy being queen.

Adoption Fee: $80 

Cat (Red Beach)



Age - approx 12 weeks old

Daisy is a sweet and gentle girl who is quite independent but also fond of human company. She's not really a lap cat, but likes pats and cuddles and always purrs when you give her attention. Daisy enjoys exploring the outdoors. She is past the really crazy kitten stage but still enjoys playing with toys and other kittens. Will be fine as an only kitten but also makes a good pair with her younger "step brother" Alfie. Daisy will be shy with strangers at first and will probably take a week or two to settle in.

Adoption Fee: $150 

Gayle (Birkdale) 02102798767


Age -  

Please check back here for more gorgeous adults coming soon or on our Facebook page

Adoption Fee: $80 each

Foster Mum (Location)


Age - approx 12 weeks old

Mouse has been hand rared and is very friendly, she loves a snuggle but prefers to sleep next to you than on your lap. She loves company, the big cats and playing for hours. She is a bit more independent than her bigger sister, and doesn't mind being without company for small periods of time as she is happy chasing whatever moves - but she loves her nap time snuggles and must be an inside family cat. Mouse is very confident and social, but not needy for love, so if you want a friendly cat that will sit next to you in the evening while you have a cup of tea and watch TV, she is your girl. PLEASE NOTE Mouse has special dietary requirements due to a sensitive stomach

Adoption Fee: $150 

Christine (Kumeu)



Age - approx 12 weeks old

Meet Coffee and Toffee. These two boys must go together, as they are a very close team. They are a gorgeous and unique champagne colour and absolutely adorable. Coffee has green eyes and is really loving. He adores cuddles and smooches, mealtimes and playing with his brother. Toffee has blue eyes and is more cautious in trusting humans but warms up once he knows you and has the loudest purr in the world. He loves playing with humans - throw him some string and it's happiness for hours! These boys are like identical twins with different eye colours and need to stay together.

Adoption Fee: $250 pair

Kathryn (Torbay) 02108534114


We have lots of kittens coming through our doors. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for listings.

Adoption Fees: $150 ea / $250 pair


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