Adoption fees help us to recover some of our costs associated with vet bills (desexing, vaccinations & emergency treatment), flea and worm treatment, food and litter whilst in our care.


All cats and kittens will be desexed, microchipped, registered on the NZ Companion Animal Register, have at least their first vaccination and will be up to date with flea and worm treatments prior to adoption. 

All cats and kittens adopted from Gutter Kitties are now entitled to 30 days free pet health insurance!

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Age - approx 1 year old

Special needs - additional care required

We are looking for a very special family to open up their home and their hearts to our gorgeous wee Bella who is fully incontinent.

Due to having no muscle control in her rear she doesn’t know when she is going to the toilet so she’ll require lots of cleaning up after. A home with minimal carpets or hardwood floors will be ideal for easier upkeep.

On vet advice, her bladder needs to be manually expressed at least twice daily plus she needs regular ‘bum baths’ and her rear shaven to keep the area clean and tidy. We have got her semi-used to having a diaper on for a few hours each day which makes her incontinence more manageable. She is prone to periodic urinary tract infections (UTIs) so will need regular visits to the vet.

Though she is pretty high maintenance, she is a happy, loving kitty who doesn’t know she is any different. She will totally make up for it with her winning personality - she’s the perfect combo of affectionate and playful.

Given the complexities with her care, we are looking for experienced cat parents who will have the time to manage Bella and are committed to giving her the care she needs.

Adoption Fee: $100

In care of Purrs & Beans in Birkenhead

09 3798966



Age - approx 2 years old

Meet Duke!

This handsome gentleman loves all the cuddles and belly rubs he can get. He may be shy to start with and needs someone to be patient with him but he will return the kindness with lots of love and smooches.

Duke is a little bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to strange noises but this silky smooth boy is slowly getting used to them and is gaining in confidence. He is a total love lush and takes ownership of you as his human with his firm but affectionate head-butts (I almost have a small bruise on my nose from this activity!! ). While he lies in your arms like a baby, sometimes his little paws curl gently round your finger and just won't let you go!

This handsome boy with his black button nose, gorgeous white belly, socks and whiskers and who is rocking the chin beard is very ready for furever humans who have a bucket load of patience and truckloads of love to give. Your love will be returned, quickly and often.

Duke will not be suitable for a family with young and/or boisterous kiddies, more a relatively quiet single/couple/mature family who understand his (at this stage) somewhat nervous disposition.

Adoption Fee: $100

Contact - Kelly

Phone - 0274508881

Location - Devonport



Age - approx 5 months old

Marty and Myra are two siblings with a capital M for Mischief. Marty is the more confident of the two and is quite a character. Any chance to explore the neighbours in the next room and they are in there like a shot... mainly to check out if they have any food going spare and nose around their toys. Myra is on the shy side and looks to her brother for confidence. Would suit a fairly quiet home with older children.

Adoption Fee: $300 for the pair

Contact - Tracy

Phone - 0226012751

Location - West Harbour



Age - approx 12 years old

Distinguished elderly gentleman seeks retirement home.

My name is Tigger, and I am 12 years young. I love long naps, eating, walks in the garden and chasing my own tail. I would prefer a child and dog free home. In return I will guard our domain from intruders, keep my litterbox neat and tidy and engage in deep and meaningful conversations.

Anyone over a certain age (you know who you are!) knows that with age comes wisdom, and a few creaks. Gutter Kitties have taken care of the things that were hurting me, and the vet says I am in good shape for an old boy. I need a few things to help keep me in tip top shape (like good quality food and a probiotic) but I love my food and will reward you with lots of rubs and meows as a thank you. My foster Mum is happy to discuss my history.

Adoption Fee: $100

Contact - Angela

Phone - 02108231802

Location - Unsworth Heights



Age - approx 1 year old

Eski is just under a year old and has just had her first litter of four beautiful babies, she has had one previous owner and was fostered with her babies from 5 weeks old to now. Eski took a while to settle in but now has shown her kitten nature, chasing and playing with her babies. She’s quite the vocalist and loves to be petted, she isn’t quite ready to cuddle on anyones knee yet but will proximity sit and loves being petted. Eski has a beautiful nature, very placid when she’s not playing. Eski is suitable for a home without young children as she needs patience, love and time to come into herself completely.

Adoption Fee: $100

Contact - Roisin

Phone - 0273203315

Location - West Harbour



Age -  

Please check back here for more gorgeous adults coming soon or on our Facebook page

Adoption Fee: $100 each

Foster Mum (Location)



Age - approx 2 years old

Lenny is a super cuddly and playful boy looking for his forever home. He is nervous around new people but a lap cat once he gets to know you. He has a sensitive tummy and needs to be on special biscuits.

Lenny has been trained to walk outside on a harness and would be best suited to a home where he is kept primarily indoors and walked daily. He is NOT an Instagram Adventure Cat however and cannot be walked on the road or taken to parks as he will be too scared! He can only be walked in quiet and familiar places close to home.

Lenny bonds very closely with his human and gets separation anxiety when he's left alone too long. He is very vocal and demanding of affection. Lenny still has the energy of a kitten and needs to be worn out with play everyday. He would suit a home with another young cat he could play with. He is not suitable for a home with dogs or young children.

Adoption Fee: $100

Contact - Henrieta

Phone - 0226044550

Location - Silverdale



Age - approx 5 months old

Anyone who adopts Layla and Shelby are in for a treat! This energetic duo are more than happy keeping themselves entertained, chasing and play fighting before flopping down, exhausted for a snooze.

They are cheeky, and loving and while they don't particularly enjoy being picked up (they do tolerate it) they are more than happy to curl up next to you on the sofa, or in bed in the evening.

Layla is a pretty wee thing, with a very knowing look. She's playful, feisty and has the cutest squeak. She loves her paws stroked while she's snoozing.

Shelby is boisterous, and playful, she loves a good rough head scratch. Beware of the tummy trap though!

They are not sisters, and when they first met they didn't really enjoy each others company, but they have built a strong bond and it would be lovely to see them off to a home together.

Their new parents would need to be patient while they settled as they both had a rough start in the world, but we are sure they will come around quickly and slot into your home like they've always been there.

Layla and Shelby would adapt to most homes, but would prefer a home with older, or no children.

Adoption Fee: $300 for the pair

Contact - Leah

Phone - 02102988602

Location - Unsworth Heights



We have lots of kittens coming through our doors. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for listings.

Adoption Fees: $180 ea / $300 pair