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Shelters are bursting at the seams with unwanted cats and kittens.  Please don't add to the heartbreak.  If you need to rehome your cat, please be proactive.  When you took on your kitten or cat, you did so with the promise to provide them with love and security for the rest of their life.  Circumstances can change, but your cat should not have to suffer because of your changes.  

We have provided below a list of things to help you rehome your cat: 


 Firstly, do you really need to rehome your cat?

We hear many excuses for reasons to rehome - a new baby, a new job, another cat, a new husband.  Rehoming your cat is not the answer, making it work is. This could involve things like researching your particular problem (there is lots of useful cat information on the internet), consulting your vet or a cat behaviourist if the reason is due to your cats behaviour.

 Contact everyone you know.

 Friends, family, work collegues.  Use phone, text, email, social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.  The more people you reach, the better chance of finding a new home.

Make online listings.

Petsonthenet. Facebook (local area and pet pages), Trade Me etc.  Make sure you have the best photo you can get - a photo will make or break an adoption.  If you are not a member of any of these, find someone who is. 

Vet clinics.

If you cannot make it into everyone of them, email them.   Clients will often ask their veterinarians if they know of cats or kittens for adoption.  While at the vets, clients will also browse notice boards and may know of someone looking to adopt when they see your poster.

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