Adoption fees help us to recover some of our costs associated with vet bills (desexing, vaccinations & emergency treatment), flea and worm treatment, food and litter whilst in our care.


All cats and kittens will be desexed, microchipped, registered on the NZ Companion Animal Register, have at least their first vaccination and will be up to date with flea and worm treatments prior to adoption. 

All cats and kittens adopted from Gutter Kitties are now entitled to 30 days free pet health insurance!

Turk and Tiger Lily

Age -  Approx 1 year

These beautiful sisters had a very rough start to life. Turk came into foster literally hissing and spitting and is now a happy cat, cruising around with her tail up in the air or slouching around. She loves head and bum scratches, and allows humans she trust to picked her up for short bursts and rewards us happily with purrs for that short time. Turk is starting to accept tummy rubs and especially smooches up to her furry kitty foster siblings and Tilly.
Both little ladies rather love bed sharing - please just pretend you didn't see Tilly sneak on😉

Tiger Lily, named for her exquisite facial markings is nicknamed Tilly and really, really, really wants to trust humans but is still weary. She hangs around her foster mum but just can't quite bring herself to let humans touch her (except with special foods - she loves to eat, and then will permit strokes. This kitty loves food which makes it hard to believe she is so petite). Tilly's body language is that of a happy cat, with her tail up and rubbing up against all things not human... at the moment. Tilly is a talker, very curious and an adventurer....a nosy and inquisitive little kitty. Like Turk, she adores her foster siblings, they play together and will sleep together.

When these girls find that human who will adore and shower then with love I believe that they'll return that love and more. Please only enquire if you have a home filled with an abundance of love and patience for these two exceptional little ladies.

Adoption Fee: $150

Chanli (Stanmore Bay)


Raven and Pepper

Age -  Approx 1 year


She is a very sweet and affectionate girl. While not big on being carried or sitting on laps she loves being patted and will rub against you and purr non stop. She is very playful and loves running around playing with her sister Pepper. She loves watching people out windows and always wants to know what's happening.


A bit shyer than her sister Raven, Pepper takes a while to get used to people and come out of her shell. She loves sunbathing on window sills and chirps to talk to you. She always sleeps on my bed at night and gets jealous when she sees Raven getting patted and comes over to get some too. She is also very playful and loves running around like crazy chasing her sister or toys.

These beautiful girls must be adopted as a pair as they are well bonded and always been together and are more settled as such. They are best suited to a quiet home with someone prepared to be patient and spend time bringing them out of their shells and give lots of pats. 

Adoption Fee: $150

Joanne (Browns Bay)



We have lots of kittens coming through our doors. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for listings.

Adoption Fees: $150 ea / $250 pair



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